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Designer Concrete Resurfacing aoffers experienced concrete application services throughout Sydney. With our expertise you can greatly improve the appearance of your home and property. We resurface driveways, concrete paths, patios, pool areas, and more. Our concrete resurfacing restores the beauty of these areas with an appealing range of choices and finishes.

This process also allows property owners to change an outdoor décor in a myriad of exciting ways. You remain completely in charge of important stylistic elements when you select us as your concrete contractor. Choose the patterns, the colours and the finishes you prefer. Ask us to resurface concrete for you whenever you wish to modify the appearance of your property!

concrete restoration

What We Can Do For Your Concrete Areas

We employ several different procedures to transform concrete surfaces. Customers rely on us to perform concrete repairs and restoration. We can also change concrete features during resurfacing upon request using stencils, stains and sealants:

Concrete Resurfacing

This technique covers an existing concrete surface with a fresh layer of concrete. It offers property owners the capability to renew and enhance the appearance of attractive concrete features. When we undertake resurfacing projects, we safeguard adjoining surfaces outside our work area.

Concrete Repair

Broken and damaged concrete poses a safety hazard as well as being unattractive. In the process of resurfacing concrete we will repair these badly damaged and cracked surfaces before applying the new concrete, stencils and finishes. Not only will your concrete be repaired but it will look fabulous when our resurfacing work is complete.

Concrete Stenciling

Stenciling is a popular choice for resurfacing concrete. It enables us to display stylish patterns and designs permanently. You can unleash your creativity when you request the installation of decorative resurfacing concrete. So if you have a prefered look or style for your concrete just let us know.

Concrete Sealing

concrete sealing

Sealants contribute to the beauty and durability of concrete. By sealing concrete surfaces, we are ensuring the longevity of your concrete surface. This procedure makes the surface easier to clean and maintain while also protecting it from harsh weathering conditions and use.

Spray On Concrete

spray-on concrete

Our spray on concrete service enable you to change the colours and textures of pool sides, walk ways, drives, and patios rapidly. We carefully protect adjoining surfaces when we apply coloured concrete. We use multiple coatings to ensure resurfaced features receive uniform, consistent treatments.

Concrete Restoration

concrete restoration

If the concrete features in your home have sustained heavy wear in the past, we’ll restore and beautify these surfaces for you. Our many concrete resurfacing options allow you to revitalize these locations in a stylish, trendy way.


Why Choose Us

Top Quality Materials

Proven track record of 1000’s projects over the past 22 years

Exclusive designs and colour range

Service Sydney-Wide

Concrete Resurfacing Options

Designer Concrete Resurfacing and Epoxy Experts Sydney has a broad range of options resurfacing and concrete area, including: driveways, patios, pavements, pool sides and more. Let us know whether you’d like us to apply patterns, concrete colours, and stencil designs to significantly modify the appearance of these features during resurfacing projects. We’ll perform any (or all) of these techniques to help you realise your vision for your property.


♦ Large range of colour choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend colours to best suit your home and garden

♦ All colours are waterproof and stain resistant

Colour Choices

♦ Large range of pattern choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend patterns to best suit your home and garden

♦ Best of all our stencil designs are made to last


♦ Large range of ready to go stencil designs with custom stencils also available for a unique look

♦ Our decorative designer stencilling will leave your concrete looking incredible

Our Process

Your concrete will look as good as new and ready for use in as few as 4 days from when we start!

  • Free no obligation quote

    Call us to book in a free on-site quote. There is no obligation to go ahead, but it is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn everything there is to know about concrete resurfacing.

  • We repair and resurface your concrete

    We will arrange an appointment time and work on site until the work is done. Most concrete areas are resurfaced and ready for use within 4 days.

  • Your concrete is as good as new

    After just a few days, your property is looking fantastic and you can go back to using your concrete area as normal. Minimal disruption through the entire process.

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