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Rejuvenate your old driveway with a concrete driveway resurfacing service that will transform the appearance of your property.

Our driveway resurfacing will help you create the look your dreaming of while increasing property value and getting the best for your dollar. Our products are a non-slip spray on concrete, which is highly durable and stain resistant. We use the highest quality concrete coating available, with results neater and easier to maintain and longer lasting than paving, wet stencil tiles.

What We Can Do For Your Driveway

The driveway is one of the first things people notice when they see your house. When it starts to look a bit tired and run down, it starts to affect the overall impression of your property (and its value!). Luckily, it is also one of the easiest things to fix.


We consult with you about how your ideal driveway should look, and then we get to work. To begin with we address any existing problems, such as cracks, and will then resurface your driveway with your chosen stencils, designs and colours. Finally, we will seal your driveway, protecting it from the elements and heavy use. Most driveways are free to use within 4 days.

Driveway Resurfacing

concrete resurfacing sydney

Resurfacing is a practical, value for money alternative to replacing your concrete driveway. Not only is it cheaper, but the results speak for themselves – Driveways that improve the appeal and value of your home and will last for many years to come.

Driveway Repair

concrete repair

There is nothing worse than the unsightly cracks, bumps and discolouration that appear as your concrete driveway ages. We fix any concrete problem cracks, bumps, patches, stains & after we are done, your concrete will be better than brand new!

Driveway Stenciling

Our selection of concrete stencils, designs and colours can give your driveway almost any look you can imagine. All stencil patterns are durable and designed to look amazing for many years to come.

Driveway Sealing

concrete sealing

Once sealed, your driveway will be waterproof, stain resistant and protect & preserve the brightness & integrity of your concrete for longer. All designs are made to last through the elements, heavy use and just about anything else you can throw at it. Best of all, our driveway sealing lower maintenances with an easy to clean surface.

Spray On Concrete For Driveways

Our spray on concrete solution gives us the flexibility to offer you a great range of finishes like sandstone & brick, and some unique and inspiring designs. We will consult with you on the best look for your driveway and when it is all done, your old concrete will have a new look that is the envy of the neighbourhood.

Driveway Restoration

At Designer Concrete Restoration we offer a full service that includes repair, resurfacing, stencilling, sealing, a range of designs, colours and finishes. If your driveway needs some attention, we can restore it to its former glory, or design something new completely new and interesting.


Why Choose Us

Top Quality Materials

Proven track record of 1000’s projects over the past 15 years

Exclusive designs and colour range

Service Sydney-Wide

Driveway Resurfacing Options

We offer a great range of choices suitable for any driveway area. In addition our consultants will work with you to recommend the patterns, colours and finishes that best complement your property. Call us today to discuss your project and narrow down the options to what works for you.


♦ Large range of colour choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend colours to best suit your home and garden

♦ All colours are waterproof and stain resistant

Colour Choices

♦ Large range of pattern choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend patterns to best suit your home and garden

♦ Best of all our stencil designs are made to last


♦ Large range of ready to go stencil designs with custom stencils also available for a unique look

♦ Our decorative designer stencilling will leave your concrete looking incredible

Our Process

Your driveway will look as good as new and ready for use in as few as 4 days from when we start!

  • Free no obligation quote

    Call us to book in a free on-site quote. There is no obligation to go ahead, but it is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn everything there is to know about driveway resurfacing.

  • We repair and resurface your driveway

    We will arrange an appointment time and work on site until the work is done. Most driveways are resurfaced and ready for use within 4 days.

  • Your driveway is as good as new

    After just a few days, your property is looking fantastic and you can go back to using your driveway as normal. Minimal disruption through the entire process.

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