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Our company performs skilled concrete surfacing and resurfacing tasks for customers in the Greater Sydney Area. We often employ highly efficient spray on concrete to achieve maximum impact with our resurfacing work. We use specialized tools and equipment when we undertake these projects. Our personnel receive extensive training to ensure we complete assignments proficiently.


You’ll appreciate the lovely results of our efforts when you see the attractive appearance of the concrete surfaces on your property. Spray on concrete techniques offer impressive aesthetic benefits when performed correctly. Additionally, the use of spray on methods in some cases significantly reduces time and labor costs for customers!

concrete restoration

What Can Spray On Concrete Do For Your Property?

Consider requesting some of the available spray on concrete services offered by Designer Concrete Resurfacing:

Spray On Concrete

Today concrete spray on techniques expedite the completion of numerous outdoor projects. We employ the latest innovations to help ensure your new concrete surfaces display the vivid colours, designs and patterns you request.

Spray On Concrete Driveways

Ask us to assist in beautifying your home and grounds through the application of an attractive new spray on concrete driveway. We can use spray on technology to achieve interesting textural effects.

Spray On Concrete Resurfacing

The process of concrete resurfacing typically involves several steps. In some cases, we apply thin layers of concrete most effectively utilizing spray on techniques. This process often saves time, ultimately helping to reduce customer expenses.

Spray On Concrete Sealing

concrete sealing

Today customers enjoy a wide variety of effective protective concrete sealants. Request spray on concrete sealing services in order to safeguard concrete surfaces better against the impacts of water and inclement weather. Sealants coat microscopic pores and tiny cracks on the surface with an additional protective layer of material. The coating offers a barrier against the deposition of moisture, grease, dust particles and debris. Your household will enjoy the ease of maintaining stylish well-sealed concrete patios, walkways, drives and parking surfaces.

Spray On Stencil Concrete

After correctly placing and applying a stencil, skilled concrete application technicians in some situations may spray a concrete surface over the stencil. This step frequently involves the application of specific desired colours and textures. Designer Concrete Resurfacing exercises precautions to ensure sprayed on materials will not cover or adhere to other adjoining non-work surfaces.

Spray On Concrete Finishes

We frequently employ spray on technologies during the finishing stage. Although procedures vary based upon specific customer requests, spray on finishes often enhance the uniformity of exterior textures. This process helps contribute desired aesthetic qualities. We generate a variety of visually appealing spray on finished concrete surfaces!


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Spray On Concrete Options

Designer Concrete Resurfacing offers customers many beautiful options for creating customized concrete surfaces with unique and distinctive features:


♦ Large range of colour choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend colours to best suit your home and garden

♦ All colours are waterproof and stain resistant

Colour Choices

♦ Large range of pattern choices to suit any concrete area

♦ Our consultants will help to recommend patterns to best suit your home and garden

♦ Best of all our stencil designs are made to last


♦ Large range of ready to go stencil designs with custom stencils also available for a unique look

♦ Our decorative designer stencilling will leave your concrete looking incredible

Our Process

Customers can obtain spray on concrete contractor services by completing a simple three-step process:

  • Free no obligation quote

    Call us to book in a free on-site quote. There is no obligation to go ahead, but it is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn everything there is to know about spray-on concrete.

  • We repair and resurface your driveway

    We will arrange an appointment time and work on site until the work is done. Most concrete areas are finished and ready for use within 4 days.

  • Your concrete is as good as new

    After just a few days, your property is looking fantastic and you can go back to using your concrete area as normal. Minimal disruption through the entire process.

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